He goes by the unorthodox but very appropriate name of TALENT, a brilliant comedian whose fine-tuned, reality based, universal humor was developed in clubs and other major comedy outlets nationwide. His awesome timing, skilled storytelling and sharp wit are both amazing and extremly F-U-N-N-Y! Talent's acclaimed appearances on "Def Comedy Jam," HBO's "Snaps," FOX's "Uptown Comedy Club," "Showtime at the Apollo," and "Apollo Comedy Hour," and BET, have catapulated him to the top of the successful, young Black comedians ladder. Destined to be a comedic superstar, SRO audiences everywhere flock to and rave about his hilarious concerts. According to Talent the feeling is mutual. "I feed off of an audience's energy," he advises. "I like alking chances and improvsing in ways I haven't before."

Quite serious about his cerebral, yet easily relatable humor, the cool, down-to-earth, sexy merchant of mirth, who calls Nwe York home, and whose unforgettable catch phrase is *It's Just Cooomedy,* has been splitting the collective sides of audiences on stage, screen ("Sunset Park"/"Full Court Press"), and television for about six years now. "I started out as a rapper but that didn't work out," advises Talent, who appeared in Heavy D's "Nuttin But Love" video, and other major music clips. "Coming from a very funny family of five sisters and two brothers, comedy is my blood," adds, Talent who, in the beginning thought he was too young to be a successful comedian "I thought you had to be at least 40. But,"Talent advises, "When the late '80s-early 90s comedy boom exploded and I saw other comics my age getting major exposure, I got into it to see how far I could go. I haven't looked back since."

Looking forward has long been focused Talent's way, even when he first stepped on stage at a local New York night club on open mike night in the summer of '91. "Hearing the people laugh was like Crack. I was hooked," he recalls. "From that point on I hustled to get every talent show and open mike night I could."

The tenor of Talent's comedy is rooted in his insightful nature, philosophical astuteness, and magnetic personality. People, their habits, emotions, prejudices, etc., all feed his comedic muse. Women (whom he never dehumanizes by referring to as bitches or hos), helped form his unique style. "Being raised by strong, intelligent, self-sufficient women, my material often has a female point of view," he explains. "My mother, grandmother, and aunts taught us to respect women, so I never lash out at them in my act, just to get an easy laugh. However," he equips, "I will make funny observations about females, 'cause, just like men, they do some weird, crazy stuff too, especially in relationships, which I talk about a lot in my show."

The multifaceted talents of Talent are nothing short of impressive. A gifted writer, he's currently working on film and TV scripts, securing development deals, and acting. One screen credit he's particularly proud of is his featured role in "A Brother's Kiss," which stars Rosie Perez and John Leguizamo.

Talent, the proud father of a young son, uses a clever sports metaphor to summarize his comedy outlook and aspirations. "When you look at a Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson," he notes, "What separates these guys from the average player is that they have the whole package. they can score, get rebounds, make assists, the whole nine. in my game Richard Pryor is that kind of comedic MVP I aspire to be. He can tell a good story, become a character, snap hecklers in two, act, write, produce--the whole package. That's the blueprint I follow, and what seperates me from most of the one dimensional comedians trying to make it big today."

Talent's reality based, multidimensional humor, some of which is captured in the "Snaps" book and album, attests to the long standing fact that there's nothing more entertaining funnier than than truth. That's truth, spelled T-A-L-E-N-T.