Rudy McCallum, this now New York City native grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, where his speed on the basketball court earned him the nickname, "Rudy Rush." Don't look for an accent, because Rudy was actually born in Harlem, USA and was shipped down south for his education.

Rudy's debut performance was in front of his law firm colleagues. Three years later, at the age of 25, Rudy is on stage making people laugh like his heroes Bill Cosby, Damon Wayans, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy.

Rudy has molded his southern and northern roots into a unique style that has a real inner-city hip hop edge with southern relaxed presentation. His performances have been described as family, social and observational. "Everybody can relate to my mother showing off in front of my teacher or trying to embarrass me at the family barbecue, because everyone at one time was embarrasses by their parents. Living in New York City leads to more humor about society and the New York lifestyle…no one ever realizes which seat on the train is the worst seat until I say, "the map seat." Whether you are a hard-core New Yorker or a tourist, my comedy hits you where you live."

"I keep in mind two goals each and every time I perform; make the audience laugh like crazy and make sure they walk away having a sense of who made them laugh…Rudy Rush."