A charismatic and multi-talented performer, Pauly Shore has been entertaining audiences worldwide with his feature film roles and his stand-up comedy routines. His unique style combined with his genuine gift for original humor has earned him a legion of loyal fans and has made him one of the most sought-after actors of his generation.
Born in Hollywood, California, Pauly had comedy in his blood. His mother, Mitzi Shore, is the owner and director of the Comedy Stores. In Hollywood and San Diego. And his father is legendary comedian Sammy Shore, who often opens for Pauly on the road. Like father, like son.

Pauly recorded his first comedy album, "The Future of America" (WTG/Sony), which earned him the 1991 College Music Journalists, Best Comedy Album. He received a National Association Record Merchandising Best Sellers Award nomination for his second album, "Scraps from the Future" (WTG/Sony). "Pink Diggly Diggly" (Priority Records), Pauly's third album, was taped at the Comedy Store in the Belly Room.

Pauly began to come to the attention of a greater nationwide audience with MTV's "Totally Pauly," which debuted in 1990. And ran for four years. In 1993 he starred in a one hour HBO television special "Pauly Does Dallas," based on his own original concept and produced by MTV, for HBO.

Pauly's feature film debut came with the wildly popular "Encino Man," for Hollywood Pictures. The motion picture, which was ultimately Taiwan's highest grossing film ever, was the first of a three-part picture deal which Pauly had signed with the Walt Disney Studios.

"Son-in-Law," Pauly's second movie, a box office smash hit, further established the young actor as a major international movie star. Embarking on an ambitious promotional tour for the picture, Pauly discovered devoted fans in such countries as Australia, New Zealand, France and Japan.

Pauly's third film with Hollywood Pictures, the comedy, "In the Army Now," was yet another box office success and continued to insure Pauly's popularity with film-going audiences worldwide. Pauly's fourth film, 1995's "Jury Duty," was for Sony Pictures. In addition to the theatrical release achievements, Pauly's movies have consistently performed as best-sellers in the video rental and retail marketplace.

Pauly also starred in "Biodome," for MGM with Stephen Baldwin. Most recently, Pauly completed filming "The Curse of Inferno," for Showtime, a quirky romantic action-comedy filmed on location in Dallas, co-starring Jeanie Turner.

In 1998, Pauly will release an autobiography entitled "How'd You Expect Me to Turn Out?" Some of the chapters are entitled, "Totally Pauly," "Growing Up at the Store," and "Sam, My Comedy Mentor." This book shows us a very odd and peculiar up-bringing that is weird to us, but normal for Pauly. He will also be releasing his fourth comedy record, on Loud Records/RCA. And in the spring of 1998, he will be co-starring in the second "Goofy Movie," for Walt Disney Studios.