From the moment he was born, Macio has had a sense of humor. He had to! Being short, having a Caribbean accent, wearing his father's clothes, and being made fun of at school all attributed to Macio's unique sense of humor. Once he lost his Caribbean accent, and received some hip clothes from his cousin, things started to happen. Macio developed a very animated style of humor. He began to observe and imitate people and their idiosyncrasies. In his material, Macio confronts everything from his loud Hispanic neighbors to studying for college exams-to being a god parent-buying health insurance for the first time to pompous politicians. Whatever the subject matter, Macio always seems to deliver. His conversational style humor has enough color and wit to take his audiences on a ride of fascinating observational intellect.

Macio's style of humor has often been compared to the likes of Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy. Macio has always welcomed these comparisons, and admits that Eddie Murphy was one of his childhood idols.

With all of the similarities that Macio bears to these comedians, he has certainly grown into his own. He has written and starred in the hit syndicated comedy series, the "Uptown Comedy Club," hosted the late night talk show, "Later," and wrote and starred in his self-entitled pilot, "Macio" which was produced by Quincy Jones and David Salzman. Macio has also performed with other comedic personalities including Chris Rock, Damon Wayans, and Steve Harvey.

Macio feels that his destiny lies in talk-show success. Since his opportunity of hosting, "Later," he has developed quite a few interesting, original talk show formats of his own. And with his unique comedic abilities, Macio will continue to excel in everything he takes on.

"There is no doubt that Macio is a great talent. I feel that children will be his ultimate audience, but he must finish the job of entertaining his peers first!" ­Dan Gunzelman, (the director of Macio's pilot)