Lewis Schaffer made his comedy debut just four years ago in an open at the legendary Comedy Strip in New York City. A native of Great Neck, NY, Lewis Schaffer was selling advertising space for a footwear magazine at the time, and today he's selling out Comedy Clubs across America.

Lewis Schaffer is one of the most distinctive—and hilarious—talents to emerge on the New York comedy scene. An endearingly edgy man who toys with the audiences all night long. "Audiences LOVE Lewis Schaffer!"

Lewis Schaffer, "Not Gay," he shouts to the world. Or is he? We don't know! Or is he just "letting the love flow," as he often proclaims!

Lewis Schaffer outrageously comes on to everyone in the audience. "Beautiful women, call me," he coos. "Handsome man!" Lewis Schaffer, not gay but call me!" He then simulates a phone with his thumb and pinkie, pulls it to his ear, points to audience members and invites them to "call me." By the end of the night, most everyone in the audience-often fellow comics and club staff-are imitating his, "call me."

Lewis schaffer's material is definitely for mature, but not raw or nasty. Lewis is "R"-rated—as in "relates." One reviewer observed that "lewis schaffer's dominant riff is perfect for this day and age when we're more obsessed with sexual identity than with sex itself."

Lewis schaffer has his own shows every week at the comedy cellar and the boston comedy club located in new york city; and has appeared on vibe, usa cable, lifetime television, and at carolines comedy club. The new york post consider's him "a star of tomorrow." Call for lewis schaffer, and let the love flow!