This past year "The Hollywood Reporter" named Judah as one of the top comedians in New York City. After doing comedy for seven years, Judah has become a favorite with audiences and comics alike. Before doing stand-up, Judah attended NYU Film School, where he directed and starred in the hilarious short film, "Aaron Acne and His Uncomfortably Colossal Zit" which later played on MTV.

If you've turned on your TV recently, chances are you've seen Judah. He can currently be seen playing "The Techie" on the NBC sitcom "Lateline' starring Al Franken Wednesday nights at nine PM. Last summer Judah rocked the beach house when he performed stand-up on MTV's "The Jim Breuer Show". He also did several promos for the Australian Comedy Channel, and has previously appeared many times on Comedy Central. Judah is also one of the top commercial actors in the country. Over the last year, he's done over a dozen national commercials including eight spots for the NFL, a Budweiser commercial with Carmen Electra directed by Spike Lee, Snickers, 7-up, MCI, Adidas & Lady Footlocker, Yoo-hoo, and Dunkin' Donuts.

Judah's hilarious stand-up act combines a surreal and cerebral point of view complemented by a unique delivery style, making him a total original. His twisted sense of humor offers cutting edge hysterical takes on growing up in suburbia. Being a child of the 80's, Judah's act is also filled with pop culture references as he takes on everything from "Q-Bert" and "TJ Hooker" to "Baywatch" and "Dawson's Creek".

Judah grew up in San Diego and Maryland and now makes his home in New York.

"…a favorite on the college circuit…"  — The Hollywood Reporter