After a background as a varsity athlete at Boston College and a subsequent position with an international financial firm, 25 year-old Gary Gulman has rechanneled his diligence and energy and fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a successful stand-up comedian.

In the highly competitive and nationally renowned Boston comedy scene, that has been the breeding ground for numerous show-business comedic superstars, Gary has distinguished himself as a charismatic and dynamic performer. This rising star has developed a reputation for delivering a hysterical stream of highly creative and distinctly original material. Gary's versatile and clever act is well received by any audience. "Gulman is a throw-back in that his act is clean and devoid of the vulgarity which proliferates much of today's comedy. He operates on a simple principle-if he feels the joke is too strong to tell to his mother, he scraps it," writes the Boston press. Gary's act draws on his recent college experiences, his witty observational insight into everyday living and recollections of his childhood and family life.

Gary's quick wit and highly marketable look has lead to appearances on several television shows among them The UPN Full Preview Jam, WB's Edge TV, the nationally syndicated Tempest Bledsoe Show and a feature on the Emmy Award winning news magazine, Chronicle. Gary's youthful point of view makes him the perfect entertainer for college venues. Selected colleges and universities that he has appeared at include Harvard University, University of Massachusetts, University of New Hampshire, MIT, Williams College, Boston College, Bentley College, and Boston University. As you can imagine, Gary's club dates have been booked solid and those venues include regular appearances at Nick's comedy Stop, the Comedy Connection, the Comedy Palace, and Giggles in Boston.